the worst part about being attracted to older men is the secret fear that they might turn out to be republicans


My new favourite game:

making inappropriately flirty eye contact with men at least twice my age

Anonymous says: Can you please give tips on how to flirt with older men? I'm really shy... 


♥Smile. Look up at him make good eye contact and flutter your eyelashes (I know sounds cliche but it works!)

♥Don’t pretend you know everything he knows but also don’t play dumb! Just be yourself.  

♥Hold his hand when you’re walking.

♥Being shy can be really cute. Just try not to be to insecure if he gives you a compliment don’t reject it he will think you don’t respect his opinion or care about what he says. Accept it and compliment him back make him feel good too. Everyone wants to feel sexy and desirable.

♥Draw attention to your lips somehow like lick or bite your lips - It would be perfect if you had a lollipop ;)

♥Show him that you’re interested in what he’s saying. Listen to him.

♥Talk about yourself as well don’t just let him do all the talking he should be interested to get to know you too.

♥Play with your hair.

♥Wear red! Like red heart shaped sunglasses, red lipstick, red dress… Anything Red is proven to actually make you look more attractive and more sexually desirable.  

Hope it all work out well for you. Best of luck! :) ♡

Andrea Zanchini, model